Welcome to Ascension of Spirit!

You arrived here for a reason. There is something inside you, ready to emerge.

Did you know, that inside you is a very real Ascended Superhero? Yes, a Real One! One that no one has heard of before, one that is super-awesome and unique to you. Your inner Ascended Superhero is the most amazing character of a heroic journey whom you have always wanted to be. You have astounding qualities within you that are waiting to be discovered, that can bend reality, and take you on an amazing quest, beyond time, space and more. As you explore the deepest parts of yourself, the most complex parts of yourself, and journey through them, you will receive and activate amazing, miraculous Divine superpower gifts, endless joy, a heart full of Love, and brilliant pearls of wisdom. Experience a life of great fulfillment, a high level of enlightenment, and the ultimate, perpetual bliss.

To become an Ascended Superhero is a deeper calling, a higher level of service for all humanity, all layers of the world and the Universe. The core of Ascension of Spirit is a passion for making the world a better place, a more free place, a loving place. The movement is founded upon Love and Truth, ethics and integrity, and is here to go into the dark places inside the deepest parts of us, and our environments, and liberate with Light. The greatest desire of people around the world, across religions, spiritual beliefs, nationalities, cultures and more is to live in peace, harmony and Love with each other, to live in paradise and joy. Within you is a Divine Mission, that when activated, begins your high level Superhero Mission to save the world, creating a Heavenly Paradise on Earth.  This mission is your greatest joy, and when you are living in that joy, you are creating miracles (in a fun way too!). Witness the amazing impact you create in every moment of your presence and interaction with others. Serve at a higher level than you ever thought possible. You are capable of the infinite

Imagine being able to walk into the most complex situations, and create brilliant solutions instantly. Imagine, with your strength of purpose, your inner knowing and courage, people becoming liberated, inspired and empowered in your presence. Imagine launching the creation of a beautiful paradise in your home, workplace, community and world. Imagine being your True self, an awesome Ascended Superhero, bringing huge benefits to your relationships, family, clients, friends, customers, colleagues, community and more, and living a life of joy and happiness. Imagine being able to help random people in a flash, and experiencing the greatest fulfillment of your life!

Welcome to Ascension of Spirit and the creation Greater Than World Peace.
The adventure begins!

In Ascended Superhero Service,

Erin LeGresley