The merits and benefits of transforming weapons into fruit

When we declare to transform weapons into fruit, we are bringing forward an even more powerful declaration than declaring that we have weapons. For, if weapons become fruit, then the person possessing the weapons can no longer harm others, and instead, the intent to lambaste others with destruction transforms into blessing others with abundance.

We often see in politics and other power-plays, one group with weapons says, “Aha! I have weapons, and therefore, I shall overtake you!” It is not the strength of character, virtues or leadership qualities of the person, but what they possess that they require for power. Therefore, if a person in an immoral power position loses their possessions of esteemed power, what do they become?

If we were to go forward with transforming weapons into fruit, what could the outcome be? What new dynamic could take place here? How would people on this planet communicate with each other if they lose the objects that they depend on for a sense and feeling of power? What aspects of themselves would they have to face if they lose the very things that they are dependent on for their power structures to function?

If we no longer fear weapons, and we are not afraid of death, if we realize our true capacity to be fully empowered, in what ways do people, entities or institutions, have any power over us at all?

When we discover the full truth of who we are, that we have the essence of creation within us, that we are creators, then what power does anyone have over us at all?

When we discover that we can create miracles, and be truly free, in what ways could we possibly be limited from here on?

Through the Divine essence within you, you can create miracles, and an abundance of joy, no matter who or what you are facing. You are infinite!

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