You can be like a barnacle…

(Photo by May Gauthier)

The way in which barnacles attach themselves to rocks and ships is amazing. Have you ever noticed that barnacles are firmly fastened onto rocks, or other very solid surfaces? Even when a ship is travelling with high speed through the water, or waves are crashing on rocks, those little barnacles stay attached on there.

What are you attaching to in your life?
If you attach to people and things, such as your bank account, your expectations for people to change, your job or business, your significant other, your health routine, this attachment can lead to things falling apart in your life. When you expect people and things to function as your provision for happiness and everything else, you may experience things in your life breaking apart, similar to if a barnacle attempted to attach itself to driftwood, or seaweed. It would eventually fall off.

What can you attach to that will not fall apart?
When you attach to Divinity, like a barnacle, and put Divinity first, above all else, you are connected to an eternal, solid structure that can forever fully support and provide for you, and carry you to your new destination. There will be waves crashing on you, yet, you are solidly attached to that rock, or ship.

Pandemics and other life challenges are similar to giant waves, crashing in on our lives. However, if you have attached yourself to the right place, your barnacle will stay firmly attached to that rock or ship, and be immovable, as the wave passes through.

The attachment is your level of trust and faith in being fully Divinely provided for, no matter what storm may come. If you believe other people or things are your provision, it may fall apart. When you believe Divinity is your provision, supportive people and things show up unexpectedly, and miraculously. When you value your connection to Divinity, above all else, you can make it through any storm.

1. Imagine that your life is simply a make-believe movie.

2. Now, explore the feeling of possibility that there is Divinity that Loves and cares about you.

3. Feel and experience the feeling of being fully provided for, not matter what is happening in your life right now.  To go into this experience, ask yourself, “What if I can be fully provided for? How would I feel if that came true?”

4. Trust that you are being fully provided for. Choose to believe it, even if you have not scientifically observed it happening, yet.

5. Release attachment to expectation, go on about your day as usual, and observe what happens in the next 24-48 hours, and the next few days. You will likely notice some very special things occur…

To being a barnacle, and the launching of your infinite potential!

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