How to discover an ingenious idea!

Have you ever felt like your life is boring, your work is bland, and you really need some new ideas? Perhaps you are trying to think of a new idea for some aspect of your life, business, or a project at work.

Method for coming up with new ideas:
Get into a silly, super-excited mood! The higher you are in this feeling, the more open you are to receiving whatever inspiration Divinity is sending you.

How to get into a silly, super-excited mood to come up with ingenious ideas:

  1. Make the choice, “I’m going to feel silly, super-excited and inventive!”
    If you are a naturally silly and inventive person, this may come easily to you. If not, then choose to do something you enjoy, such as watching a funny video, listening to an enthusiastic song, or moving your body in an unusual dance.
  2. Go into thoughts of what would be ridiculous and preposterous.
    In my experience with many clients (many of whom own businesses and work jobs that we would consider “normal”), the ridiculous and preposterous ideas tend to provide fantastic solutions to practical applications.
  3. Write down any ideas that come to you, even if they do not make any sense. Keep going, look it over, and see what comes up.
  4. If you see something that does not make sense, what happens when you search it on the internet? What does it remind you of? What could it be associated with? If it is something similar to salmon sandwich, what were you feeling or doing the last time you ate a salmon sandwich? What comes up for you?
  5. What happens when you expand upon the ideas, or put some of the words or images together in different combinations?
  6. Play with it, and see what you discover!

Advanced version

  1. Send out the request to Divinity to receive a new idea.
  2. Listen for the new idea. Write down, or draw, whatever you receive, even if it sounds ridiculous.
  3. You may receive a colourful vision, be guided to walk down a street, to look in a book, or even talk to someone whom you do not even know. You can follow directions (obviously within reason), and see what you discover!

What amazing ideas and solutions did you receive?

Feel free to share your experience with me on the contact form (visible when you scroll down).
(Don’t worry, your ingenious ideas will be counted as yours. One of them could be worthy of a patent, or it could be your top-secret strategy, or your next brand-new program idea…What would you like to do with your new ideas?)

If you have no ideas and feel stuck, you are welcome to message me for assistance here too!

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