You can run like a Superhero!

Did you know that you can run as fast as the speed of light?

I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but in this story, you will discover how that could be something realistic to do in the very near future (or right now).

Superheroes are usually fit and in shape, right?

Physical Education class was not my strength. In grade 10, I remember that was the year that I was the slowest runner in two P.E. classes combined together. I remember waking up at 4:30am to go running during the sunrise, and the wet snow. Yet, no matter what, I could not run fast.

From what I remember, I learned in kinesiology that there are two types of muscles: slow-twitch and fast-twitch. And according what I remember the professor was teaching, I received the impression that a person with slow-twitch muscles would never have fast-twitch muscles, and would never, ever, run fast.

I remember watching the Superman movie that was out that year, and seeing how he would run across the cornfields and then fly up in the air. I thought, “I want to do that!” That summer, I played soccer in the city with friendly guys who were approximately a foot taller than me. I could have reached a reasonable conclusion that I would never run fast because I am much shorter and have slow-twitch muscles, which would make it impossible for me to run that fast.

However, I want to run like Superman! And I wanted to fly! So on that field, I said, “I am running like Superman” And I breathed into it. And sure enough, I was running back and forth on the field, faster than the guys! And I wouldn’t slow down! And it spooked them because I was chasing after the soccer ball the whole time, back and forth on the field! And from that time forward, I knew that I could run like a Superhero.

What have you always really wanted to do that you thought was not possible?

1. Make three columns on a piece of paper.
2. In the first column write down what you have always really wanted to do! (Riding a Unicorn Pegasus counts too!)
3. In the second column, write down why you think you cannot do it.
4. Now poof! You are an Ascended Superhero. Everything is possible for you. What if nothing in the second column was true?
5. In the third column, invent a new reason for why you can. It does not have to make any sense. Be imaginative.
6. In the next few days or so, you may notice you are developing new abilities, and experiencing new experiences, you never thought you would have.

You never know what can come true!

And if you would like to go deeper with this, come on board, and become and Ascended Superhero 🙂

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