Streamline like an Ascended Superhero

So much to do, so little time…

Wait a second, let’s backtrack. What is time?
And what is it that we are doing?

Imagine if your favourite Superhero had a giant to-do list, and realized, “Oh wait, I can’t save the planet until I reschedule a few of these meetings…Villain #4, hold on a sec, while I take this work call…and check these 527 emails.”

Did you know that being a Superhero can be a major part of your career? Where what you do for a living involves fun adventures?

Yes! You can take your superpowers with you to work. Your workplace is now your Superhero Base, and you can fly around with your invisible/visible cape and your very real superpowers, spreading joy and happiness as you serve with glee.

And it does not have to be busy. It can be streamlined to perfection.

“How does that happen?” you ask.

When you are aligned with inner peace and your Superhero energy, the Divine universe plans most of your day for you. When you are in the upper levels of enlightenment, all you have to do is be, and everything is taken care of for you. You get to have lots of fun, and serve others with joy!

Have you noticed how Superheroes, or other types of heroes, have a supervisor or assistant who gives them the next instructions for the next mission? The Divine universe can do this for you, too, all the way to when to book your appointments, and where to walk down the street to meet up with the next person on your journey. Yes, this really happens. It’s a lot of fun because of the unexpected surprise, where you don’t know what magical, miraculous, life-changing experience the Divine universe could be leading you to next. All it takes is to grow your intuitive connection to the Divine universe, and you can receive access to 24/7 guidance, mentoring, support and all kinds of emergency back-up services.

If you are interested in creating this in your life, and living on this fun, streamlined level,

Super~Ascension Coaching is a way to be there, and with rocket speed :).

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